BYE-BYE BARFLY is one of my favorite supernatural short stories. (I also refer to it when people ask me why I’m single.) It first appeared in my book, Journey of a Dream Master.  I’ve re-edited it to share here. 

I could be wrong but…I believe everyone has something deep inside that desperately wants “magic” to be “real.” Yet, when something truly magical actually happens, most reject it and at some point they’ll deny what happened because it is simply too far outside their reality construct making it impossible to process and accept. Or, if they’re very lucky, their boundaries are expanded and they are transformed forever. 

Think about it. Either magic is real or it isn’t. Period. It is not conditional (i.e. only at midnight during a full moon if you’re wearing a black pointy hat, using potions and crystals while facing East deep in the woods, etc.).

If other people are experiencing magic and you are not…then that is something to ponder. I strongly encourage you not to dismiss something simply because you have never personally and consciously experienced anything like it…or like this story.

Personally, I wish everyone could experience the mystical and magical. But that is not in everyone’s belief system/model of the world nor on their to do list. Hey, live and let live! That’s what makes life interesting, don’t you think?

Hope you enjoy this supernatural short story – whether you believe it or not!  ~ Lisa Rhyne



It was a bad day for long hair and lip gloss.

The wild Georgia winds pulled and whipped my long flowing red hair causing it to dance all around me like a demented demon on fire. My bright cherry red lip gloss became an inkwell for each strand dragged across my juicy lips painting my alabaster skin with sticky sweet crimson streaks. Anyone walking by might’ve imagined a stark raving mad invisible artist frantically creating a mystical treasure map in blood on my face. What a sight!

My face, neck, chest, and arms welcomed every sweet stroke of my voluminous hair flying in all directions. Wild hair yanking plus hot wind caressing the body is quite affecting and enchanting. One minute I’m wet from the oppressive sweltering humidity then invigorated and shivering from the air blasting my skin.

Body weary and eyes bleary from driving for ten hours straight, I was in an altered expanded state of awareness. That easily happens due to the hypnotic nature of driving for long periods. Driving and being in nature are always very hypnotic and therapeutic, don’t you think? Every blink, breath, and movement now registered on a deeper level, enhanced my trance and put me firmly outside of time.

I stood in that small motel parking lot gazing towards the tree line that surrounded the entire property. Clouds dreamily drift by as the slow setting sun created a surreal swirling canvas of vibrant otherworldly colors. I understand why humans have always considered dusk and dawn magical times when the veils between worlds seem to disappear and make anything impossible. What a lovely end to a long yet mostly uneventful day thus far. 

With the sun now gone. A delicious soul-level peace washed over me for which I was truly grateful. It was time to go inside and get ready for my date. Looking in the mirror I dissolved into laughter admiring nature’s abstract artwork all over my face and upper body. Wow! A quick shower was absolutely required.

I’d come down to Macon, Georgia to rendezvous with a potential new serious boyfriend. Unbeknownst to him, this little vacation was going to confirm for me as to whether or not he was worthy of me and even capable of being in a relationship with someone metaphysical like me. Walking between worlds ain’t for sissies. Every man (secretly or not so secretly) wants a redhead…until he gets one. Myths and legends have paved the way for our much deserved wild reputation. And while we redheads are a handful in many ways, I possess additional traits and qualities that make me rather…unique and unpredictable.

This fellow had no idea of who and what I truly am, or more importantly, what I’m capable of. Although I already knew he wasn’t “The One,” I thought it might be fun to see what he’s made of for a little while. Neither of us could’ve ever dreamed what would transpire during this little weekend vacation getaway.

They gave us a room on the ground floor at the front of the building by the main parking lot near the motel restaurant/bar entrance. This location is important because when the bar closed at around three o’clock in the morning a group of very boisterous barflies exited that bar…only to stop on the sidewalk right outside our room in front of our big picture window.

Exhausted from the long day’s events, I was sleeping like a dead man until I was startled awake by this swarm of barflies. Not to be confused with fireflies, barflies are the local drunks who are first in and last out of the bar every night. They aren’t the upscale elite spend $600 on a single shot types. They come to drink all night, party hard and hook up. And just like an ornery housefly you can’t seem to quickly shoo out of your house, they buzz around at closing time in a desperate attempt to keep the party going.

I was sleeping nearest the window which was on my right while he was on my left next to the bathroom. I glanced over and fixed my gaze on the window to see 5 silhouettes (so I believe there were only 5 women even though they easily made enough noise for a baker’s dozen). Their high heels clonked like Clydesdales on the sidewalk as they stumbled into each other laughing, singing and chattering away like happy drunks will do. These gals were in full party mode and oblivious to everything else. 

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m all for having fun. But after about 15 minutes of this relentless and thoughtless commotion it seemed they were not going to leave any time soon. My redheaded temper fired up and I felt that familiar rage growing in my belly. Extremely agitated, I glanced over at my fella who was also now wide awake and I growled, “They’ve got about sixty-seconds to shut up and move on…or else!”

The unsettling fierce look in my eye and ferociousness in my voice made him understandably nervous. Not yet knowing me very well, he feared I was actually going to go out there and confront these obnoxious drunk chicks (probably resulting in an all out girls gone wild fisticuffs). Cautiously, he tried to calm me down by assuring me they’d soon move on and he timidly asked me to please stay inside.

Getting out of bed and going outside to deal with them was certainly not what I meant — oh, not by a long shot!

After what seemed like a long time but was probably only a couple minutes, they were still lollygagging right in front of our window. Lying on my back staring at that ugly off-white popcorn ceiling whilst listening to these thoughtless broads, I firmly proclaimed for God and anybody else to hear, “That’s it!”  I’d hit “fuck it” and I’d hit it hard. I decided to take matters firmly into my own hands (so to speak) and that’s when things got…really weird.

In one dramatic sweeping motion I threw the covers down off my torso to free my arms. I raised both hands up in front of my chest as I scanned the air for what I was searching for. I then held my left hand in place while gracefully gliding my right hand through the air until it stopped.

To anyone watching without understanding what’s actually happening, this looks like I’m simply staring unfocused off into space while gently waving my hands in the air as if I’m in a trance, slowly swimming underwater or cautiously feeling in the dark for something to touch like when you are searching for the light switch in a dark room.

My intention was set and I felt the shift when I made the connection to what I was searching for. We were quantumly entangled and with the slightest gesture (an almost imperceptible flick of my right hand) I connected the two zero points and collapsed the wave. A quantum shift in my version of reality happened far too fast to even consciously register in space/time.

Mind you, physical gestures and talking aren’t necessary. In fact, talking and/or gesturing actually slows down and can completely hinder my process. Looking back, I guess it was more for his benefit. He’d heard what I said and had been closely monitoring the girls at the window whilst watching me. He saw my minuscule hand gesture then eventually linked it all to the subsequent consequences.

“There! Bye-Bye Barfly!” I giddily proclaimed as I knew my process was complete. Wow, that was breathtaking! Instantaneous silence. We both looked to the window straining to see or hear anything. There were no more shadows on the window. Nothing. A whole lot of nothing.

After a couple seconds of this deafening silence he urgently asked, “What just happened?!” Quite pleased – yet a wee bit surprised – with myself, I jubilantly exclaimed, “They are gone! Bye-Bye Barfly!”

He threw off the covers, leapt out of bed, literally ran to the window, pulled back the curtains searching for those people. I again proclaimed, “They’re gone!”

He then opened the door to get a better view of the entire parking lot and surrounding area. His knuckles turned white as he gripped the door frame to hold himself up. He didn’t know what to think or do next. After several minutes he cautiously looked over his shoulder at me with a wide-eyed shocked expression and softly shouted, “There’s no one out there! They’re gone! There are no cars driving away, nothing! It’s completely dead out there.”

Grinning like the Cheshire Cat I said, “Yep! I know! I believe I already said that. THEY. ARE. G-O-N-E!”

After several minutes of frantic strained searching of the entire area for any signs of life, he reluctantly closed the door and slowly walked back inside. He sat on the edge of his side of the bed shaking his head in shock and disbelief. He repeatedly asked what had just happened.

Knowing he wouldn’t stop until he had a better grasp of the situation (because I knew he would never fully understand but I needed to tell him something), I searched for the best way to explain it. Now wide awake because of the adrenaline rush (and still quite tickled with myself), I sat up in bed and said, “Look, I’m going to make this as simple as possible. I had a desired outcome, set my intention, without trying to control the outcome I quantumly entangled myself as I commanded my intended outcome then made it happen which comes down to basically one of two things:

I sent them into a parallel universe where we aren’t.
Or, I sent us to a parallel universe where they aren’t.

As I observed his body language and watched his surrounding energy field, I could tell he was super freaked out and really struggling to fully comprehend and accept all this. He sat in complete silence trying to make sense of what I’d just said as well as somehow understand what had just happened not only to those people outside our window but what had also just happened to him in that bed right beside me as he’d been watching the entire scene the entire time.

I got up to go to the bathroom and get a bottle of water leaving him to his thoughts as I knew he was too shaken up to sleep. When I returned he was still sitting there. Placing a cold bottle of water on his bedside table I climbed back under the covers. He thanked me as he slowly sipped at the water. After a long contemplative period, he timidly asked me to please explain just one more time. He apologized for not understanding. I assured him I completely understood.

My adrenaline rush was over and basking in this denouement I was crashing fast because it had been a long day. I was exhausted and needed to sleep but knew sleep would not be coming if I didn’t deal with him. I formulated then posed a series of rapid fire questions to help him rule out “common sense” possibilities and/or conclusions most people would automatically jump to but, in fact, did not happen.

“Did you hear any footsteps as they walked away in those crazy loud clunky shoes?”

“Did you hear them call anyone to pick them up?”

“Did you hear any car keys jingling?”

“Did you hear any car alarm beeping, car doors open or close, hear engines start, or any cars pull up or drive away?”

“Did you hear a motel room door open and/or close as if they entered into a motel room?”

“How does it go from a loud crowd casting shadows on the window to no shadows and complete silence quicker than a split second – in a time that’s too short for anyone to move an inch let alone walk or drive away?”

“How do you explain no footsteps, no car noises, no doors opening or closing, no calls, no keys jingling, no engines starting and no cars driving up or away?”

“Can I prove they were zapped into a parallel universe?”
“Can you prove they weren’t?”

“Can I prove we were zapped into a parallel universe?”
“Can you prove we weren’t?”

“Bottom line, it went from loud to silent in half a heartbeat and the silhouettes on the window instantly disappeared because they are no longer here. They are gone!”

His knee-jerk reaction was wondering how I could be so calm and cavalier about what just happened. Almost in tears he asked, “How can you be so glib about killing those people?! How are you not totally freaked out right now?!”

Firstly, I assured him that no one was killed. They are simply not here. Somewhere or some when else – call it a parallel dimension. They are just as alive as we are. Now we are simply in different places. Secondly, I explained that there’s no way I can fully explain what just happened at four o’clock in the damn morning.

“Look, I use my “paranormal” abilities all the time so they are simply “normal” to me in my everyday life. I don’t “believe” in magic because I know and live in a reality where things you call magic, miracles, and all things supernatural are the rule rather than the exception. I’m in a constant state of awe, reverence, joy, curiosity, love, and enthusiasm with regard to all things metaphysical. And I live my life accordingly. We can get more into all this after breakfast because I’m going to sleep now.”

After several more awkward moments of pregnant silence he finally mustered up the courage to ask me what he really wanted to know. He timidly squeaked out, “You won’t do that to me, will you?”

Ah, now we’ve gotten to the crux of it! I did my best to contain myself and not belly laugh because I understood he was quite distressed and completely confused. Contemplating all the freaky things I could say that might really mess with him, I took a beat to find just the right words to make my point and, more importantly, also end this line of questioning at this ridiculous hour.

I wanted to be nice. However, given this evening’s monumentally victorious real-time quantum manipulation of reality involving at least 7 people, I was feeling even more sassy than usual. I dramatically looked him straight in the eye, grinned my wickedest grin, paused for effect then slowly purred, “Not if you behave! {wink} Goodnight!”

Like an electrocuted jackrabbit, he hopped off the side of the bed and into a chair across the room. There was an incredibly long pause as we silently stared at each other sizing up this situation. Poor thing! He didn’t know whether to shit or go blind as he sat there trying so hard to wrap his befuddled brain around all that had just transpired. He was also trying to decide if he should grab his suitcase and bolt out the door never to look back or stay there with me. Meanwhile, I was having a blast playing in the matrix as well as having a little fun at his expense.

I wished him good night and rolled over to go back to sleep. He eventually (and cautiously) climbed back into bed, pulled the covers up under his chin and when last I looked at him he was staring wide-eyed at that ugly ceiling. The combination of excitement, shock, curiosity as well as the full blown heebie-jeebies kept him from getting any more sleep that night.

I shook his world in more ways than one with this undeniable experience of quantum paradigm-shifting which was a reality game changer. As you may have guessed, this budding romance did not last. And if you’re curious…no, I did not zap him into a parallel universe. We simply went our separate ways. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Oh, did I mention this is a true story?


©Lisa Rhyne, all rights reserved.