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Extraordinary otherworldly phenomena have always been a significant part of my life. This is a merely a small sampling of photos and videos from various equipment and formats, including Polaroid, 35mm film, digital, etc. My security cameras have constant orbs and unexplained phenomena. If this is what cameras can capture with their limited technology, can you imagine all the phenomena happening that cameras can’t record?

You can see how my energy affects clients in a few shots below and on the SOULutions Sessions page.

Included are select photos and images from my book, “Coming Out of The Metaphysical Closet” (January 17, 2024), plus supplemental materials. The book has over 214 diagrams and photos (314 images total). 

Please note that all content and photos are copyright protected. 

They are not public domain or for reuse without express prior written permission from Lisa Rhyne.

William Henry blurb for "Coming Out of The Metaphysical Closet" book by Lisa Rhyne.

These are actual photos capturing extraordinary phenomena. Most don’t comprehend the extraordinary aspects and implications of all these photos. I hope they’ll resonate with you in a way that awakens, enlightens and transforms your consciousness. When you understand fundamental Universal Laws (that we all are subject to regardless of whether you are aware of or understand them), you empower and free yourself to play even more fully as one of the eternal Dream Masters. In humble service, Love & the Light ~ Lisa Rhyne

Coming Out of The Metaphysical Closet
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Images & Supplemental Materials

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If something isn’t in the book, we’ve noted in the description.

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Mayan Calendar Birth Chart
(Chapter 2)

Some believe the Hopi, the Mayans, and the Tibetans are members of the same tribe that separated long ago. Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma and others told me they are all the same people. My dear friend Mark Borcherding (also a friend of Grandfather Martin—see their photo in “Hopi Prophecy: Four Stone Tablets” in chapter 9) is associated with many indigenous elders whose primary work involves the Mayan Calendar, with birth charts based on the combined ancient and new system. He did my chart, which reveals many fascinating insights.


In my small haunted apartment, on November 17, 2011, I began writing a document using voice dictation software called Dragon Dictation that types out whatever you say and has other commands, like switching between programs, turning functions on and off, and so on.

The Mysterious and Unexplained Show Crash
(Chapter 10)

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Australia and Nashville, Tennessee, September 14, 2009.

I called in for a live interview on the Internet/radio show Mysterious & Unexplained.

Here’s an excerpt from the show’s website about our interview:

“On this show, Rusty was visited by Lisa Rhyne from The Dream Masters, who dropped in to chat about dreams, motivation, the Hopi Indians, and, of course, The Dream Masters. An enthralling hour but was it Lisa, who has a history of zapping electronic gear, that sent our stream into a spin, causing batteries on our video camera and mobile phone to go flat?”

In the pre-interview emails exchanged with the producers before the show, I told them my energy affects electronics—regardless of time, space, or distance. Since I was in America and they were in Australia, they thought it wouldn’t matter. They assured me they had never had any problems dealing with callers from all over the world. As I predicted, I got overly excited as we progressed with the interview. I zapped their system toward the end of my segment. Their Internet chat started malfunctioning; all the electronics went haywire. Then the system crashed entirely, and the phone call (on a landline, not a cell phone) disconnected. It took several minutes to get everything back online. I warned Rusty upfront that it would happen. This shows that some things are true whether you believe them or not.

Book Photos, Diagrams & Bonus Materials

Chapter 11 – Security Camera Stills

Several videos of unusual phenomena are posted on my website, taken with iPhones and surveillance cameras. They’re filled with orbs and other objects. Perhaps the creators of the Predator character were tapping into the morphic field of the actual phenomenon of phasing in and out, resulting in what appears to be invisibility cloaking.

Note from Lisa: There are no bugs, flies, moths, or any other flying insects in this room. These orbs/lights are not insects reflecting light. Plus, there’s the fact that some of these light anomalies are shapeshifting while others are strobing/flashing in distinct patterns as well as phasing in and out (appearing, disappearing then reappearing). 

There are far too many “orb” photos to put online. In the “Orb Storm” video has a lot going on for several minutes. This short clip with screenshots show Lisa phasing in and out. You can still see her and the headboard behind her as she becomes completely transparent, moves around, then fully phases back into this reality. 


Chapter 11 – Orb: Phasing In and Out

The “Orb Storm” video is filled with countless orbs, lasting for over three minutes. Others appeared throughout the night, but this flurry was spectacular. The sequence shows that you can see through me (like the aliens in the Predator movies) to see everything behind me.

Chapter 11 – Orb: The Pixie Sprite (2 videos – in sequence)

The following screenshots are from the “Light Sprite” online video. You can see it’s not a bug; it morphs and casts a significant shadow.

Chapter 11 – Orb: “ The Oracle” Sprite

This screenshot sequence from the “The Oracle” sprite video on my website shows an orb coming out of the painting. It travels from left to right, morphing the entire time. In Coming Out of the Metaphysical Closet, I write about this painting and the artist in Chapter 10. Below is a photo of  “The Oracle by Freydoon Rassouli (, 60′′ × 40′′ original oil on canvas.

Below is a slow  motion video taken with my iPhone 11 in October 2023 in my car. I’d just finished doing intense session work with another Dream Master. My energy was so high I was trembling and when I settled in my seat I noticed my hand in the bright sunlight so I got out my photo and took this footage. There are more iridescent skin videos in the Archives. My skin is always thoroughly washed, no lotions, body glitter, salts, etc. We are liquid crystalline beings and I write about all this in my book. 

Miscellaneous shots of light energy anomalies. The white christmas lights are tiny single bulbs (as you can see clearly in the first shot with the photo information). The lights in the tree are behind me…so the shots with lights across the front of my face is an interesting point to ponder.