Having been a performer and storyteller all her life, and actively employed in the entertainment industry in one form or another since a teen, Lisa brings an immense amount of experience, education and compassion to her work. Her powers and abilities along with her vast trainings, teachings and coaching methods have helped writers, producers, directors, actors and all other types of storytellers.

Lisa has worked as an independent consultant on numerous film, television, book and special projects. She utilizes her innate metaphysical abilities as well as trainings, techniques and tools to assist storytellers in getting projects created and completed authentically, assists writers to connect with characters, other beings and other realms as well as making certain that these storytellers have correct information regarding things such as spiritual practices and protocols for authenticity and more importantly, safety for all involved. She has been hired at various stages of projects and is actively involved with everyone from the studio creatives, producers, directors, writers and actors for a wide variety of consulting in areas that include, but are not limited to the following:


  • shamanism
  • energetic healing techniques
  • ancient wisdom consciousness technology
  • time travel techniques (resulting in being optimally functional outside of perceived time)
  • supernatural specialties (i.e. spirit photography, power, protection, support, etc.)
  • metaphysical and magical topics that are too many to mention here.
  • spiritual practices (i.e. organized religions, wiccan, pagan, christian, etc.)
  • power places on the planet
  • protocols – what to do and not do when dealing with supernatural forces, when you are at a sacred site, handling artifacts, etc.
  • power items/artifacts/totems and how to activate, interact, handle, keep possession of and release possession of them, etc. 
  • for writers especially, she works with channelling to connect with people, places and things in other realms to assist writers to tell a better, more authentic, empowered story. Lisa sometimes utilizes her shamanic abilities to journey on behalf of the writers/actors/storytellers to find the places, towns, and characters in the other realms and Lisa negotiates with these beings to collaborate with the writers, actors and storytellers involved in a project.  (NOTE: Lisa writes more about this in her “Alchemy of Acting”, “The Alchemy of Art”, “The Metaphysics of Music” and “The Metaphysics of Movies”.)

Lisa specifically works with actors in dealing with things SUCH AS:

  • completely conquer and eliminate stage fright or nerves (like for auditions or live performances)
  • eliminating self-sabotaging choices and habits
  • increasing their sensory acuity and other abilities such as radiating, resonance, managing their energy, etc.
  • making truthful choices for their character to enhance their performance
  • how to fully embody a character to make that character authentically come to life
  • how to stay in character without “extreme acting techniques” that can be counterproductive to their health (as well as being super annoying)
  • helping performers connect with, resonate and then disengage from a character once a project is over
  • If an actor is portraying an “evil” character (human or supernatural), Lisa helps the actor to protect themself from potential energetic entity attachments by actual living evil/negative entities. No one wants to bring that stuff home! (And yes, this is a very real issue that affects not only the actors but can also affect all cast and crew involved in the production.) 

Lisa’s knowing, understanding, experiences, and embodiment of the power of metaphysics and alchemy as a whole creates a service so unique that no one else in the world offers anything even close to what Lisa does. 

Please note, Lisa is no longer doing work as a script doctor or any ghostwriting PROJECTS due to the demands of her own work here at The Dream Masters. She will continue to consult as an independent contractor on projects that interest her.

“The time has come for the entertainment industry to embrace and employ “metas”. It is not acceptable that Hollywood wants to use/take advantage of our spiritual practices, ancient wisdom, metaphysical abilities and tell our supernatural stories without bringing us on board to work as writers, directors, producers, actors and consultants. Hollywood has long used professional consultants and unfortunately they rarely if ever include us. Diversity and inclusion is vital to authentic storytelling reaching a wider audience. It is time for Hollywood to stop treating us like their dirty little secret mistress. If you want to tell our stories, use our culture, use our spiritual practices, then hire us, acknowledge us and pay us for our education, experience, abilities, expertise and knowledge. The projects and people will be all the better for it. That’s just common sense and clearly the right thing to do. And, more importantly, it is time for anyone still hiding in “The Metaphysical Closet” to come out and live freely in the light and no longer hide who and what you truly are.” ~ Lisa Rhyne

Guest Speaker – Workshops – Seminars – Retreats:

Lisa has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Eye to Eye with Connie Chung, CNBC’s America’s Talking, was a guest correspondent on A Current Affair and a featured guest on many other shows. She has lectured all over the world. She has appeared in commercials, music videos, industrials, voiceovers as well as many film and TV projects. She has been hired to speak all over the world from North America to Australia. She has taught thousands of people through various Dream Masters and META-CON workshops and events. Her passion is life changing.

If you have an event, a workshop, seminar or retreat and would like to book Lisa, please email us to put together an event. If you would like to be either a presenter or a participant at future Dream Masters and META-CON events, please send Lisa an email with the details to be added to our private database. Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, most live events have been cancelled. Lisa is currently only available for virtual events at this time.

Shamanic Services

You can email Lisa for more information about specific Shamanic Services and she will determine if this service is appropriate for your needs.

These sessions are usually an hour long and can be done in person or remotely. They can include soul retrieval, soul integration, extractions, divination, de-possession, unwinding/removing curses, blessings, cleansing for buildings, lands or areas, conducting ceremonies and other journey work. We always want to operate from our Higher Self with the power, protection and support of those positive influences in the other realms.

True Shamans understand “Soul Loss” but not all Shamans are “Soul Catchers” (those who specialize in Soul Retrieval). Lisa is both a natural Soul Catcher/Soul Retrieval specialist but has also been extensively trained in this ancient wisdom consciousness technology. She has been treating clients for decades and has written about it in various places including a blog over on the Writings & Wonderings page (you can simply use this link: THE CURRENT GLOBAL EPIDEMIC OF SOUL LOSS)

Soul Loss is easily recognizable – and is completely curable if you know what you’re looking for and understand what’s actually happening. Shamans throughout time have been dealing with Soul Loss and successfully helping people get their life back in balance and become whole again. You can only fully function at your peak optimal best if you are completely present, in one piece and in balance. Read the story below and see if it sounds familiar.

We’ve all either experienced this (or something similar) and/or heard stories of someone who was in an accident and has no recollection of what happened. And, they were never the same. Let’s look at a car crash scenario. The story usually goes something like this:

Bill tells his wife, “I don’t know what happened. I was driving along when the car hit black ice, began skidding out of control heading right towards a huge tree. Right before I hit the tree, I guess I passed out because the next thing I know, I woke up in this hospital bed!”

Bill’s wife says, “Two days ago you were found in your car by people passing by who saw the wreck and stopped to check on you. You were awake but dazed. You talked with them while they called 911. You were awake and talked with the paramedics in the ambulance all the way to the hospital. You even spoke with the doctor when you arrived. You and I talked for a little while and then you fell asleep and you’ve been asleep for 2 days.”

Bill has absolutely no recollection whatsoever of anything that happened just prior to the point of impact with the tree until he “woke up” days later. Yet, during that lost time, he spoke with and interacted with several people.

Interestingly, Bill was never quite the same after that accident. He can’t quite put his finger on what’s wrong but something’s not right. He now suffers from a low grade depression. 

Any of this sound like stories you’ve heard or perhaps experienced? 

Bill has no recall of hitting the tree because his Soul rushed out of his body to protect his mind from consciously experiencing all the trauma that was happening to his broken bloodied body. The Soul acts like that protective parent quickly scooping up their oblivious little toddler who is running to pet the “puppy!” that’s actually a vicious rabid dog who mauls everything in sight. The parent protects the child without the child fully realizing what’s going on.  

The Soul is your ultimate loving bodyguard and the greatest protection mechanism ever created. Most of the time the entire Soul pops right back into the body. However, there are times when a part of the Soul stays in the other realms. It may eventually come back or it may never come back (on its own). That’s where the Shamans come in and work in conjunction with your Oversoul, the Soul Part(s) that left, helping Spirits and Guides to reunite the Soul Part(s) and restore your body, mind and spirit in the here and now. There’s much more to this but that is the general gist of Soul Loss. 


SOME of the top classic “Soul Loss” symptoms:

  • feelings of being fragmented, of not being all here
  • blocked memory – an inability to remember parts of one’s life
  • an inability to feel love or receive love from another
  • emotional remoteness
  • Sudden onset of apathy or listlessness
  • lack of initiative or enthusiasm
  • LOSS OF INTEREST IN SEX/DROP IN Libido, Sexual Dysfunction, Erectile dysfunction, etc.
  • failure to thrive
  • inability to make decisions
  • rage, uncontrolled angeR
  • sudden outbursts of negativity
  • lack of joy
  • an inability to discriminate
  • chronic negativity
  • addictions
  • suicidal tendencies
  • melancholy or despair
  • Chronic depression


Go to the SOULutions Sessions page to see photos of a session with Lisa during an expo.
This was from a live event with client consent to be photographed. Private sessions are never recorded. 

Your Soul knows what’s best for you. At the Soul level, your Higher Self knows all and that is the level/realm where Lisa plays. She is not a traditional “coach” or a “therapist” and doesn’t even consider herself a “healer” (although she has been well trained in all these as well as taught multiple coaching/healing/transformational methodologies throughout her entire life and she continues her studies).

Her work is metaphysically focused consciousness technology that is quantumly entangled (outside of time and space) which results in observable transformations and ultimate empowerment anchored in this reality as well as throughout all timelines/realities/dimensions.

As soon as you set the intention of booking a session…the work starts!  You become holographically quantum entangled with The Dream Masters (Your Higher Self, Lisa, her Higher Self, Guides and Teachers, and countless others who are committed to be of service). 

The standard initial session is usually an hour and a half and following sessions vary. You can book either 30-minute or 60-minute sessions. We strongly recommend 6 to12 of the 60-minute sessions. These sessions can be performed in person, via phone or remotely (using SKYPE or ZOOM). She uses all her extensive trainings, techniques, skills and innate abilities to work with you, addressing anything you would like to transform in your life. She may use hypnosis, NLP, remote viewing, Shamanic techniques, various coaching methods including her quantum consciousness technology system called “METAtations”, Yuen Energetics Method, Matrix Energetics and more.  She may work with Spirit Guides including Angels and Ascended Masters. She may use crystals/minerals, and any other addition modalities, tools and abilities that are deemed appropriate during the session. Lisa’s abilities include Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, and the rare Clairalience (the “Clairs”).

The Clairs Defined

She is bridging the ancient ways with new evolved ways and bring it all together into the current reality as well as bridging alternate realities (parallel worlds) and anchoring them to create a stable connection. This results in working in multiple realities with people, entities, energies, ascended guides, spirit guides, healers, shamans, etc. in all realities to get to optimum results for everyone. 

Each and every session is unique because YOU are unique and constantly evolving. Each session will vary depending upon where you are in your journey. This is truly cutting-edge work integrating ancient metaphysics, quantum mechanics including holographic and scalar technology, morphogenetic field theory, non-linear time and parallel universe theory, and much more to shift your consciousness and the patterns of light and information that makes up your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being and is creating your experiences and results. Changing at these multiple levels is the only way you are going to get different and better results in your life. And, depending on your belief system and ability to accept and integrate change…most changes happen instantaneously while some of the effects play out over “time.”

As you transform and evolve, the sessions and techniques will transform and evolve as well. Everything is quantumly entangled beyond space and time.  SOULutions Sessions are an ever evolving and dynamic process that is very exciting and a lot of fun! That is why they are unlike anything else anywhere else. No one on the planet is doing what Lisa Rhyne is doing. Just as you are unique, she is a unique individual bringing together all of these elements, teachings, techniques and other worldly factors into a one-of-a-kind experience in each and every session.

Hypnosis and QUANTUM Neuro Linguistic Programming (QNLP):

These techniques are incorporated in the SOULutions Sessions and are usually an hour long. Lisa incorporates traditional clinical hypnosis with Ericksonian hypnosis as well as unique quantum holographic neuro linguistics. Not all people are good candidates for hypnosis so a consultation is necessary before any sessions. Many times a session will start out using one modality and as the session progresses different issues present so other tools/techniques may be what’s needed in the  moment. There is no set formula as everyone and everything is always in a state of dynamic flux. (Isn’t that wonderful!?!)


We understand that your schedule may be crazy – especially due to the ongoing pandemic. For that reason, we don’t want to add to the chaos, so our consultants maintain a flexible schedule to meet your needs on your timeframe. We also understand that the current global pandemic has caused various difficulties for people.

You would not go to the gym and workout one time and expect to be a professional bodybuilder or go to a physical therapist once after a massive traumatic injury or surgery and expect to be finished. People who have spent tens of thousands of dollars on pharmaceuticals and decades in traditional therapy find that in only a few weeks this work does what all the traditional treatments never accomplish.

These sessions build upon each other and have a cumulative effect. The more you do, the more dramatic the results and isn’t that the whole point? Please keep in mind that, although the energy shifts and/or changes can be instantaneous, everyone reacts differently. As changes in one area of your life manifest that will ripple throughout all other areas of your life because everything is connected. You may initially start with the first visit wanting to focus a health issue. When that health issue shifts you may want to focus on relationship or career or something emotional. Regardless of the focus, all areas of your life will change. The work is much faster and effective than other modalities.

This work is not used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or psychological disorder. It is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment. You will be required to sign a confidentiality and release form as we protect and never release any information.

We have a wide variety of trained professionals who are happy to help take the load off your shoulders so you can focus on what matters most to get optimal results across all areas of your life. If Lisa is not the right person to work with you, she has associates who may be an optimal fit.

We offer a variety of different services, including professional consulting for projects such as film and TV shows that need supernatural and/or metaphysical information and research, individual transformational work on a quantum level for dealing with everything from physical, mental and spiritual issues, working with group dynamics, with couples, family or work situations and much more.

At The Dream Masters, we know how busy you are from working on your personal health, creating balanced healthy relationships to making your business or a specific project a success. Instead of trying to learn and do everything all by yourself, why not connect with those who have the knowledge, experience, wisdom, information and systems to assist you? Lisa Rhyne has been helping people all her life and has a global network of associates who have also dedicated their lives to helping others.

Do you have a specific need that’s not mentioned on our website? It is impossible to list every imaginable situation so please contact us today with your details and questions so we can match you up with one of our highly-trained and experienced professional consultants. We’ve handled many different situations and tasks over the years and will be happy to help you in your quest.

Contact us today for more details, to get a free quote on our services or to schedule an appointment.

Please visit our Testimonials Page to see more of what people all over the world are saying about Lisa and her work and then join us today! It is time you started living the life you’ve always dreamed you could have! Lisa Rhyne and The Dream Masters are here to help empower you to be the Master of YOUR Dreams!