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The Dream Masters are the modern metaphysical masters. We are the spiritual warriors, the healers, the Shamans, the storytellers…the oldest, the largest, and the most empowered group of humans in the entire world throughout all of history. Always have been, always will be. We are also the next great leap in this planet’s and in humanity’s evolution.


What WE DO

The Dream Masters bridge ancient and modern spiritual practices. We utilize the arts to create powerful new paradigms of storytelling, transformation, healing, manifestation and empowerment with Love and Light for all.

Media and the arts are powerful tools with the unlimited potential to reach anyone and everyone in both a timely and timeless manner.

Artists play a crucial role in creating “reality.” 

The quality of life is changed by and through art because art is a non-exclusive all-inclusive form of communication and creation. Our legacy for a better world.

We are the creators walking between worlds as the bridge builders between realities, incorporating the ancient ways with the modern as we work on multiple levels vital to creating…EVERYTHING!



As we consider and carry forward our higher functions in spirituality, art, science, education, ethics, and the evolution of both individual and greater collective consciousness, we are becoming more than most can even fathom. 

We explore the Great Mystery via our truly empowered authentic immortal self.

We encourage you to own your power, awaken that warrior heart and live fearlessly.



The Dream Masters work to expand the capacity of human potential beyond outdated paradigms.

Now is the time for a spiritual revolution. It is time for the worldwide spiritual metaphysical community to come out of the “Metaphysical Closet” to work together. 

We are dreaming, influencing, and creating the past/present/future with each and every thought, word and action.

When we connect, we are transformed…and that ripples throughout eternity.

Life is but a dream and we are all dreaming everything into being. So, I welcome you to this quickening in these interesting times. I welcome you into the great dreaming of the endless dream. The Dream Masters are here to remind you of who and what you truly are…one of the eternal immortal creators ~ one of The Dream Masters.  

In Humble Service, Love & Light ~ Lisa Rhyne

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Background Artwork:The Map Is Not The Territory” by Michael Strevens