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The Dream Masters are the next great leap in humanity’s evolution. We are the modern metaphysical masters, storytellers, spiritual warriors, leaders, healers, and the world’s oldest, largest, and most empowered supramental humans.


We walk between worlds bridging the seen and unseen. We utilize ancient wisdom consciousness technology combined with evolved spiritual practices and synergistic storytelling, which has the infinite potential to holographically reach and transform anyone and everyone in both a timely and timeless manner.

Imagination, intention, and actions lay the tracks for the “Reality Train” to roll down. We play a crucial role in creating “reality,” working on multiple levels vital to…everything.


The quality of life is changed by and through art – especially storytelling – because it is a non-exclusive all-inclusive form of communication and creation both in and outside of time.

Storytelling combined with rapidly evolving media and technology are powerful tools for transformation and creation. As we contemplate and carry forward our higher functions throughout the multiverse (regarding areas such as spirituality, arts, science, education, ethics, and the evolution of both individual and greater collective consciousness), we are rapidly evolving into more than most can fathom.


We welcome and encourage everyone to come out of “The Metaphysical Closet” right now, regardless of whether or not you demonstrate “supernatural” abilities or are simply interested in learning more.

Join us if you are ferociously curious about all things metaphysical, ancient wisdom consciousness technology, transformation methods, the manifestation of goals and dreams, and the great Universal truths. Whether you consciously know it or not, you are already a vital member of this modern mystical movement because the part is in the whole, and the whole is in the part.

We are dreaming, influencing, and creating the past/present/future with each and every thought, word, and action. When we connect, we are transformed…and that radiates throughout eternity. We invite you to awaken into the great dreaming of the endless dream. We are here to remind you of who and what you truly are…one of the immortal creators, also known as The Dream Masters.

In Humble Service, Love, Grace & Light ~ Lisa Rhyne

Licensed Background Artwork:The Map Is Not The Territory” by Michael Strevens