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Lisa does not do “15-minute quick calls” for sales pitches. Most information is on the website. Email is the best way to reach out. 

Please note that anything submitted to us may be used freely by us anywhere without limitation.

For book reviews, please post online (Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes&Noble, Google Play Books, etc.), tag us in social media, and feel free to share here as well for Praise page.

For comments, praise, testimonials, unusual experiences from reading Lisa’s book, or wanting to work with her, etc., please share those here.

Submission Policy. We do not accept or read unsolicited submissions or pitches. We are focused solely on our projects at this time. Do not submit pitches for other entities (like Disney), as those will be unopened/unread. As a Disney employee, Lisa is legally obligated to forward all unsolicited submitted materials intended for Disney (unopened and unread) to the appropriate legal department(s), and those materials become theirs. This will not result in anything positive for you. It isn’t clever. It is unprofessional, shows you can’t follow instructions, you don’t respect boundaries and is annoying. So don’t do it. (You’re welcome for the free legal advice.) We know this sounds harsh to some of you, but we average 3 to 5 unsolicited pitches a month regardless of how we state this policy. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.