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Lisa dreamt up and manifested The Dream Masters brand and companies, including META-MATE, META-CON, and programs like the METAtation series and SOULutions. She saw all these things (and more) as a child and has spent her life creating them.

She was born with many awakened actualized preternatural/metaphysical abilities (remembered and continued from her other incarnations) and continuously studies metaphysics, quantum physics, all major world religions, and virtually every ancient as well as modern spiritual healing systems and techniques, including her lifelong apprenticeship as a Shaman studying with revered teachers all over the world.

Her work as a professional writer, consultant, producer, actor, publicist, singer, and music composer in the entertainment industry, combined with her innate metaphysical abilities and extensive training, takes her all over the world to work with individuals as well as groups interested in learning and participating in the advancement of human evolution through the alchemy of transformation and storytelling.

Lisa Rhyne


Before being a multi-hyphenate was practically a requirement in Hollywood (as it is now), Lisa’s agents demanded she focus on only acting – which was unacceptable. (Apparently, they’d never dealt with a natural redhead before, or they’d have known better!) She created an alternate persona and worked under that nom de plume as a ghostwriter, producer, and consultant while performing under her name. It has always been about the work, so she has virtually created projects without public recognition. In 2020. she decided she would no longer work anonymously. She came out of “the metaphysical closet” in 2016 and fully into the light in 2020. You can read more on her IMDB page.

As an executive producer, producer, and writer, Lisa has several projects in development, including her next book, Walking Between Worlds. The Anne Morrow Lindbergh story. She has exclusive life and literary rights granted by the Lindbergh family. The Alchemy of Acting (series and a book collaborating with Lisa’s friend, the famed celebrity photographer Andy Gotts, MBE). The Spiritwalker project (based on the books and life of Dr. Hank Wesselman).

She has been featured on many programs, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, appeared with Hank Williams, Jr. in his big comeback Monday Night Football video, was a guest correspondent on A Current Affair, as well as a featured guest on numerous talk shows such as The Phil Donahue Show, Eye to Eye with Connie Chung, The Maury Povich Show, and CNBC’s America’s Talking.

She was born on Sacred Native American lands near the Cahokia Mounds, which is one of the World Heritage Sites in the U.S. designated by UNESCO. She grew up in a tiny farm town of about 400 people out in the cornfields of North Salem, Indiana, until she went to college. All throughout her life and through college, she’s studied and trained in the arts – from participating in school and church choirs, drama club, and several bands, to acting, singing, dancing (ballet, tap, jazz, modern, ballroom, etc.) many other trainings.

Lisa’s thirst for authentic knowledge, veracious curiosity, high IQ, open heart, and propensity to speak her mind led to good grades, great boredom, and trouble with authority figures, especially in school. This free spirit was (and still is) resistant to the institution of traditional schools because they do not honor or cultivate individualism. She was an honor student and received several scholarships and grants. She chose to go to Ball State University. Lisa did the work equivalent to two degrees in four years, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunications (writing, directing, and producing for film/TV/radio) with a minor in Theatre (emphasis on acting and directing).

She also worked for a major in sound engineering with a minor in applied physics. She didn’t get the official degree because she skipped the first two years of the basics and jumped straight into the junior levels of applied physics, music composition, and sound engineering. All the knowledge without wasted time, money, and paperwork!

Upon graduation, Lisa moved to Nashville, Tennessee. First, doing an engineering apprenticeship at Ronnie Milsap’s studio and then worked for an independent record promoter who was contracted by all the major record labels. She has been a promoter, songwriter, and consultant and worked with the biggest names in entertainment, including Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, The Highwaymen, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Shenandoah, Bill Monroe, Rodney Crowell, Roseanne Cash, k.d. lang, Asleep at the Wheel, Lyle Lovett, Dwight Yoakam, Chaka Khan and many many more. She then moved to New York City and later to Los Angeles to pursue her own career interests, which included numerous acting, modeling, and singing, as well as voiceover and demo work.

Lisa Rhyne
Lisa Rhyne

It is common knowledge that Lisa worked in Nashville, TN, in the country music industry right out of college. She worked as a record promoter on a retainer with all the major labels and some independent labels and artists. She also worked as a record producer/sound engineer/demo singer as well.

What many do not know is Lisa had an interesting random conversation at a summer BBQ with the president of one of the biggest record label companies in the world. He excitedly mentioned he’d discovered and signed a new singer to a 3-record deal, and they were going to be an award-winning superstar! In a split second, Lisa scanned him, followed his aka connection to the singer, then scanned probable timelines and said, “You’re right. They are an amazing vocalist – probably the greatest of this generation – but they’re never going to accomplish what you think. You’ll be lucky to get the second album completed; there won’t be a third as you’ll drop them because all the troubles – especially of the past – come to light, and fame goes to their head. They’ll become a nightmare to deal with until finally their substance abuse on top of all the other problems will be their downfall.” He laughed and dismissed Lisa’s message, but most importantly…he became very curious and remembered their talk.

That conversation stuck with him, and after several months things started to unfold exactly as Lisa said. She was subsequently invited to the president’s office for a private chat. Lisa came out of The Metaphysical Closet, fully explaining who and what she truly is and why she said what she did about his swiftly rising-now-swiftly-falling star. He hired Lisa to confidentially consult with him for the label. He paid her cash off the books because he – like most people – didn’t want the world to know he was paying a “psychic” to advise him and the record label about their business decisions (i.e., what talent to hire, what songs to put on an album, what singles to release and how high on the charts would the singles reach, as well as any potential problems with artists) and the rest, as they say, is history…and like most history, the full truth of what really happens is always hidden from the general public.

Currently, Lisa also works for The Walt Disney Company in the 20th Century Studios – Motion Picture Production, Film Legal Affairs Division, working on above-the-line “A-Level” deals for live-action theatrical and streaming film projects.

She is also actively reaching out to have meaningful discussions with leadership and with the Diversity & Inclusion division with the ultimate goal of helping Disney to be more inclusive of “metaphysical” people like her – from hiring (whether that means office employees to filmmakers in front of and behind the cameras) to portrayals of anyone and anything “metaphysical” across all Disney companies and entertainment/media projects.

She worked for Fox Searchlight Pictures, 20th Century Fox, as well as other film/TV production companies over the years. Her insider knowledge of the entertainment industry is vast, and she incorporates it into her consulting work.

Lisa has over 140 film and tv credits. That doesn’t include all the student films, commercials, industrials as well as live events, and theatrical productions she has worked on. She has several projects in development. She continues to be consistently in the top ranks of The Walt Disney Company on IMDb.

Lisa Rhyne

AFFILIATIONS, education, training & certifications:

  1. Bachelor of Science from Ball State University
  2. UCLA Extension Writers’ Program for Screenwriting
  4. Paralegal
  5. Institute of Noetic Sciences 
  6. The Theosophical Society in America
  7. The Parapsychological Association
  8. The American Association for the Advancement of Science 
  9. The Monroe Institute
  10. Women In Film 
  11. WIF Think Tank for Inclusion & Equity 
  12. Film Independent
  13. Stage 32
  14. BMI
  15. N.Y. School for Film & TV
  16. AIA/3 of Us Studios
  17. Phoebe Binkley Private Professional Vocal Coach (Nashville, TN)
  18. National Michael Chekhov Association
  19. Mindvalley courses
  20. Masterclass courses
  21. The Hollywood Film Institute
  22. PSYCH-K® Facilitator
  23. Master Hypnotist
  24. Master Trainer of Hypnosis
  25. Master Ericksonian Hypnotist
  26. Master Trainer of Ericksonian Hypnosis
  27. Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  28. Master Trainer of NLP
  29. The Silva Ultramind System
  30. Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance
  31. Master Practitioner of Creation Technologies™
  32. Master of Neurological Repatterning
  33. Master Results Coach
  34. Master Transformational Coach
  35. Master Performance Consultant
  36. Master Level Michael Chekhov Technique
  37. Master of Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics/Energetic Healing with Grandmaster Kam Yuen
  38. Qigong with Grandmaster Zhou Ting-Jue
  39. Qigong with Grandmaster Hong Liu
  40. Master Level Matrix Energetics 
  41. Advanced Remote Viewing by multiple teachers
  42. Ordained Minister via the Universal Life Church Monastery
  43. and others including the areas of EFT, various sound, light and art therapies, the study of epigenetics, and too many others to list.


Lisa continues to study and apprentice with some of the greatest living Metaphysical Masters, including Indigenous Elders, Shamans, and Medicine People.


Lisa has clients and has lectured and taught all over the world. See the Testimonials page for a small sample of feedback and gratitude!

Lisa Rhyne Grand Master Zhou
Grandmaster Zhou Ting-Jue

Master Zhou Ting-Jue

She is recognized by has collaborated and has studied with some of the greatest minds, shamans, metaphysicians, and healers alive. 

Lisa Rhyne

spirit photography

Sometimes it is hard to get a good photo of Lisa because there are lights, orbs, streaks of light, rainbows, and other paranormal things happening.

Depending on the emotional state she’s in, all sorts of things can show up in photos. She also tends to short out electronic devices and go through cell phones on a regular basis.

Growing up, her mom kept buying new cameras because she thought there was something wrong with all of them. Her mother threw out countless unusual photos of Lisa that had these anomalies in them because she didn’t realize what was actually going on.

The more Lisa came into her own, and it became virtually impossible to have a career as an actor on camera.

See The Phenomena Gallery for pictures and videos.

If you like quantum entanglement…

Click the image link below to listen to the show located on the Archives Page

You can listen to the infamous telephone interview where Lisa was in Nashville, Tennessee, USA speaking, to an Australian podcast. She crashed their system with her energy.

At around 47:57, he mentions some technical issues. They had to cut to commercial. Back from the commercial at 48:31 and talks about my energy affects things. I mentioned that I was on a landline, but the cell phone that was beside me on the desk had gone from a full charge down to 1 bar even though I wasn’t using it.

Before Rusty starts with the second half of the show, at 58:52, he talks about it again. He says some very mysterious and unexplained things just happened when Lisa was just with us. We got zapped completely. Not only did I lose my communication with the stream, but the battery on my video camera also died, my watch stopped, and the battery on my mobile phone died.

Rusty’s comments about the energy surge:
“On this show, Rusty was visited by Lisa Rhyne from The Dream Masters who dropped in to chat about dreams, motivation, the Hopi Indians, and of course The Dream Masters. An enthralling hour but was it Lisa, who has a history of zapping electronic gear, that sent our stream into a spin, causing batteries on our video camera and mobile phone to go flat?”

“I energetically “zapped” their system (my bad) towards the end of my segment!! So some of this has been edited out. I’d warned Rusty upfront that this happens all the time! “~ Lisa Rhyne

Lisa Rhyne

Lisa Rhyne

Lisa's List

Click the image above to read Lisa’s List.

I don’t like the word “blog” so you’ll find my various ramblings under Writings & Wonderings.

There are a few photo galleries that have things like my old acting/modeling shots, stills from TV shows and movies, photos from the “Journey of a Dream Master” and supplemental photos. You can find those here: Photo Galleries.

Do you understand the origin and true meaning of metaphysics? There’s much to read on this fascinating topic which is the actual origin and true foundation of what most now call physics and/or quantum physics. Below is a super brief definition to give you an idea of what I am talking about. 

Per the New Oxford American Dictionary, the definition of metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, and space. 

Metaphysics is about the nature of reality and the study of principles from which ALL other sciences emerge. Do you fully comprehend that every religion ever known to humankind throughout all of history is a form of metaphysics? Anyone who has ever pondered the meaning of life, the universe, and the beauty of nature is there more than what our physical senses can perceive; what is love is, by definition, a “metaphysician.”

RANDOM thoughts…

Humans have always been storytellers, and history has clearly shown this, from the ancient cave wall drawings and petroglyphs to all the writings, art, and stories we have today. That is how we connect, evolve, heal and make a difference.

Fame is a fickle friend, so I’ve never sought to be “famous.” I’ve always stuck to doing my work to be of service – whether that be through storytelling or more mystical means. I do my best to be an original voice, not an echo – to create and not simply regurgitate what has already been done. Yes, many consider me a healer or visionary because of the transformational work I’ve done since I was a small child. I can’t control what people think, say or do. I consider myself an eternal student of all things metaphysical and spiritual. I am now and always will be a work in progress. My sincerest hope is to raise the vibration and anchor more light in the world in whatever way I possibly can.

I learned a long time ago to always recognize the blessing in a ‘no’ and laugh when people tell me I can’t do something! (See #15 on Lisa’s List.) If I had listened to the countless naysayers, I would have never left home, attended college, been featured on The Oprah Show, or taught in Australia! I’d still be out in the cornfields in North Salem, Indiana (not that there’s anything wrong with that!.). Fortunately, I’ve always followed my heart, intuition, and destiny, which has led me on an amazing rollercoaster ride this lifetime.

I am no guru or expert. What I am is a wildly curious student of life and of all things mystical and magical. I know humans have not reached their full potential. There is so much still unknown, and yet, there is much known by many, and it has been available to all for centuries worldwide.

Everyone has their own version of you in their mind, regardless of whether or not they’ve even met you. Just by seeing a photo of you, a person formulates their own internal representation of you. Plus, I don’t like labels, nor do I see the limits some tend to focus on. I especially don’t like the label ‘healer’ because it implies I am controlling someone else’s reality and can ‘fix’ something that is ‘broken’ or ‘wrong’ as they are experiencing it at the moment. It also implies someone is not at cause or in control of their life – that they are a victim – whether it be a victim of circumstance, a disease, their parents, an accident, or whatever.

I am an activist on behalf of myself and others like me who, for whatever reasons, have activated our “metaphysical” abilities/talents/skills, and our interests include timeless and timely spiritual beliefs and practices. There continues to be prejudice against us that affects our personal and professional lives. It is time to stop discrimination against people like me.

The most important thing is for all of you to stand in the light, stand in your truth, come out of “The Metaphysical Closet,” and raise your voice, contribute to all that’s being developed so humanity and this planet can benefit from you being the Master of your Dreams and contributing to the great Dreaming of the Dream! (You do remember who and what you are and that this is all a Dream, right?)

The time is now to live in your truth because I need you, mankind needs you, and this planet needs you to be exactly who and what you are. Living in your truth and fulfilling your destiny. There is strength in numbers, and when one succeeds, we all succeed and benefit.

This growing morphic field of coming out of “The Metaphysical Closet” and living in the light is swiftly growing and gaining power. Even lower vibrational humans like that guy named Mark changed the name of his company to “meta.” (You know what I’m talking about!)

And because of all this, and our call to be of service to humanity, we are still broadly discriminated against and thus are still in The Metaphysical Closet (a phrase that came to me as a child because I knew I needed to keep my abilities hidden away in the metaphysical closet. I publically coined this phrase decades ago and used it in my book published in 2106 that people are starting to wake up to and use more and more because this movement is manifesting). It is also why I created META-CON (the Metaphysical Convergence), which I had visions of as a child and first publically coined the phrase in the 1990s when we first started having these exclusive invite-only gatherings.

Look, I personally guarantee you recognize not only these labels but also know someone who is at least one of these and/or that this list also includes you. You don’t have to actively practice or demonstrate anything listed below. Just by simply being interested in anything metaphysical means you are awakening to your full potential. Do you know anyone that possesses or uses any of these?

Psychic, energy healer, oracle, supernatural, extraordinary, telepathic, lightworker, telekinetic, all of the “Clairs,” occultist, thaumaturgic, wizard, spiritualistic, witch, otherworldly, Wiccan, conjurer, shaman, homo luminous, fortune teller, palmist, astrologist, medicine person, sorcerer, trance channel medium, starseed, magic/magical, miraculous, spellbinding, mythical, priest/priestess, mysterious, cabalistic, orphic, esoteric, alchemy, voodoo, prophecy, soothsaying, prognostication, gnostic, sage, fortune teller, enchantment, divination…okay, okay, you get the idea! There are too many categories and labels, so I coined the term “Metas” to cover everything and everyone.

The reality you are seeing is a direct result of the thoughts and choices you have made and are making in every given moment. We are always at cause and free to choose something else. There is simply transformation and evolution into the next moment and then the next moment. I choose to participate and facilitate transformations in any way possible in each given moment.

Ultimately, it is a choice each person makes as to whether or not they want something different – whether it be empowerment, good health, wealth, better relationships, etc. – and how fast they get it. That is empowerment at its best. Change happens in an instant. It is the decision to change that can take a lifetime.

We are at an exciting time in history where we have more opportunities to tell stories via multiple platforms worldwide. The ravenous demand for content is creating endless possibilities. I am happier than ever with what’s developing, and all that’s on the near horizon. I’ve seen these changes coming for DECADES. And now, the “metaverse” is finally manifesting as I’ve known it would since I was a child. Oh, and remember…this is all a Dream, and you are one of The Dream Masters! 

In Humble Service, Love, Grace & Light ~ Truly, Lisa Rhyne

Lisa Rhyne

“The biggest lie ever perpetrated on mankind is that you are limited. Understanding what consciousness and DNA actually are will be the key to liberation. Scientists have no inkling what DNA actually is or capable of doing. All of my so-called “metaphysical abilities” are simply a result of my understanding and utilizing who and what I truly am. EVERYONE has more power than they can even fathom. My work is about empowering my clients to awaken, unleash and utilize their innate talents, abilities, and powers.”  ~ Lisa Rhyne

Some testimonials…
(many more on the JDM and TESTIMONIALS pages).

“Lisa Rhyne is the mastermind behind the Dream Masters. An accomplished actor and author, she brings unique insights and uncanny wisdom into every project she undertakes. She inspires my deep admiration and trust. If you haven’t fallen under her spell yet, make haste to do so.” ~ Burt Kempner, Award-winning professional Author, TV/Film Script Writer, Producer and Journalist

“I’ve known Lisa most of her life. For all of that time, she has been a visionary. I say that because she has dared to do more than dream. She has made her dreams into reality time after time; graciously inviting many people along on the wonderful ride that is her life and her life’s work.” ~ Angela Grooms

“Lisa is an insightful woman whose opinion has always meant a lot to me, both professionally and personally. She works at the highest level of intuition, vision and compassion. Lisa’s communication skills are superlative, she is just wonderful in front of a group or in one on one consultation situations. She writes well and has a broad range of educational and cultural experiences to draw upon. I recommend her highly.” ~ Spencer Grendahl, Metaphysical Consultant & Coach, Professional Speaker, Author, TV/Script Writer, Author, Astrologer, Palmist 


“The time has come for the world and especially the entertainment industry to embrace and employ “Metas.” It is unacceptable to use/take advantage of our spiritual practices, ancient wisdom, and metaphysical abilities and tell our supernatural stories without hiring us. Hollywood needs us as writers, directors, producers, actors, and consultants. Hollywood has always hired professional consultants, and unfortunately, they rarely, if ever, include Metas. Diversity and inclusion are vital to authentic storytelling, reaching a wider audience and to reduce misinformation. It is time for the world to stop treating us like their dirty little secret mistress or the secret psychic or energy healer they rely on but don’t want anyone to know. If you want to tell our stories, use our culture and our spiritual practices, hire us, acknowledge us, and pay us for our education, experience, abilities, expertise, and knowledge. The projects, everyone and everything will be all the better for it. That’s just common sense and clearly the right thing to do. And, more importantly, it is time for anyone still hiding in “The Metaphysical Closet” to come out and live freely in the light and no longer hide who and what you truly are.” ~ Lisa Rhyne


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