Image of the ebook and print book "Coming Out of The Metaphysical Closet" by Lisa Rhyne

The paperback, hardcover and ebook is available on Barnes & Noble, and Amazon as of January 17th. The ebook is also available on Apple Books and Google Play Books. (See details on the book’s page.)

Self-publishing is great, but it ain’t for sissies! You can read about self-publishing online, as it is here to stay and a great way for talented creators to get their content produced and made available to the masses globally.

The delay in releasing this book in all formats is based on my ethos of not putting something out that is below acceptable standards. The print paperback and hardcover versions delay is due to a couple of production issues I encountered with the quality of the photos and the weight of the paper stock.

As the paperback and hardcover are print-on-demand, they are only created when you order them. So, they are truly quantumly entangled with you in a unique way, as the book you get was printed specifically for you.

Without going into all the details, I’ll just show you a few examples of the quality of the initial proof copy of the less expensive “standard color.” Below are screenshots from KDP’s site showing the details of standard and premium color versions.

The quality of the standard color was unacceptable to me, so the book is only offered in premium color on heavier stock paper. Hence, a 532-page book with over 300 images costs more than the typical black-and-white book.

This compendium is three books in one and worth every penny. I don’t know about you, but if I spent my hard-earned money on a book and got one with photos like the “standard color” samples below, I’d be mad as hell. I decided to print it as the best quality available, even if it does cost a little more because it is worth it.

Below is a gallery with comparisons of the print version and the various ebook versions (on a phone, tablet, and Kindle E-reader) to show the different fonts and layouts as well as total page number.

Ebooks have advantages, such as being easy to transport as the printed paperback is almost two pounds!

The print versions are formatted with unique fonts that fit the book’s overall theme and aesthetic, the photos are larger, and printed books have a different energy signature than electronic ones. You can put a book under your pillow, on your altar, use it in ceremony . . . and if I sign it, that adds another degree of consciousness energy to it.

They both have their benefits. I’d recommend getting the ebook and a printed copy – either paperback or hardcover.

The photos are much smaller in the ebook. You can click on the thumbnail, and it will open up to a larger version. The ebook layout differs from the print, as shown in the screenshots below.

I’ve also included screenshots to show you why color matters, so this book will not be produced in black and white due to the details in the photos.

I hope that sharing some insights will help you understand some of what went into the making of this book over several years, covering a lifetime of experiences as a Dream Master in my never-ending quest and life of spiritual service.

Be sure to go to the Coming Out of The Metaphysical Closet page for links to purchase, read blurbs, and connect on social media. All the links for my personal, The Dream Masters, and the book are on the Connect page. You can read just some of the praise received on the Praise page

Visit the Phenomena Gallery, as it has additional photos and materials.

Thank you all for all your love and support on this journey and global movement to encourage everyone to come out of the Metaphysical Closet in these unprecedented times.

Truly in love, humble service, and always the Light, Lisa Rhyne

Screenshots from KDP’s website showing Standard vs. Premium color.

Screenshots from the first proof copy that is “standard” color. There are printing anomalies like bands of incorrect color throughout the entire book. Below are photos from the proof copy with the original photo below to show the difference.

Screenshots below are comparing the print manuscript version with the various ebook versions. There are also color vs. black and white to show why this book will not be offered in a black and white version. 

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