SOULutions Session

Lisa visiting with clients in The Dream Masters booth.


Lisa was a featured speaker at this expo and you’ll notice that The Dream Masters’ booth was filled with sacred artwork of the artists TDM represented at that time. During a live SOULutions session we usually have 2 assistants to hold the space, help keep onlookers away, record the Soulutions session, monitor Lisa and the client to insure their physical safety because clients almost always lose consciousness at some point and can suddenly drop as well as move their bodies in extreme ways. Everyone is in an expanded state of awareness and quantumly entangled so it is a very intense experience for all…even the looky-loos passing by! This client kept in touch and the results continued to ripple out and manifest changes on many levels in multiple areas of his life long after this session. (Which frequently, if not always, happens!) There’s more information on our Services page about all the various services we offer. You can Contact Us for more information or to book a SOULutions session (if Lisa is available and determines her work is appropriate for you).

Please do not use any of these photos for any reason. If you are interested in sharing them (and giving proper credit, please email us for prior written permission). If you’d like to see photos that have captured some of the energetic phenomenon always around me (and helps visually demonstrate why my clients get results), please see the Phenomena Gallery. My upcoming book goes into much more detail about my trainings, experiences, abilities, teachings and teachers, Soulutions sessions, and much more. It will be released on January 17, 2024. Please follow us over on Instagram (@thedreammasters) to see more and keep updated. 
In Humble Service, Love & Light ~ Lisa Rhyne