Coming Out of The Metaphysical Closet

Awards, reviews and where to purchase "Coming Out of The Metaphysical Closet" by Lisa Rhyne

This book was created for you (even if you don’t fully understand why right now).

It is a call to action that awakens authentic enlightened consciousness and empowerment.

The ancient consciousness wisdom technology used to manifest this rare book has a unique morphic field outside of space-time and is quantumly entangled with everything contained therein.

Testimonials worldwide reveal the miraculous events experienced from being connected to this highly specialized field of consciousness.

International and New York Times Best Selling Author,
Dannion Brinkley wrote the book’s Foreword.
Below is part of his introduction of Lisa
at her Conscious Life Expo lecture (Feb. 11, 2024).
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Having a custom-printed book amplifies your quantum entanglement
with this work as well as everything and everyone mentioned/connected to it. 

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E-book technology prevents displaying the work in the original layout and fonts.

"Coming Out of the Metaphysical Closet" audiobook cover

Audiobook now in production!

Lisa is narrating as well as producing the audiobook. The audiobook companion Reference PDF contains all the visuals in the book (in the order they appear), the full Mayan Birth Chart, complete Dragon Dictate transcript, active website links, and extensive “Word, Name, References, and Quoted Content” section at the end. This PDF is available now via the book's page. (click the image above to go to that page)

Lisa has decided to offer 50% off purchase price of the audiobook to all readers who post 5-star reviews (not just rating) of "Coming Out of the Metaphysical Closet" (on any of these platforms: Amazon, Apple, Barnes&Noble, Goodreads or Google). She will offer a free* copy to those who do not have an Audible account.

(*You must email us via the Contact Us page for terms and conditions to receive this free audiobook offer.)

Estimated Release Date: January 17, 2025

Companion Reference PDF 

The companion Reference PDF contains all the visuals in the book (in the order they appear), the full Mayan Birth Chart, complete Dragon Dictate transcript, active website links, and extensive “Word, Name, References, and Quoted Content” section at the end.

Final Manuscript Edits PDF (MAY 2024)

All copies prior to May 8, 2024 have a few minor errors. (See Lisa’s List #21. Finished is better than perfect.)

ThiFinal Manuscript Edits PDF is a list of where and what edits have been made to the final manuscript which is now available on all platforms. The fastest and easiest way to tell if you have the first version or final second is to check the ISBNs listed at the beginning. If your copy has the Audiobook ISBN, then you have the latest and final version of the book. 

The Phenomena Gallery

Select pictures from the book plus bonus materials (not in the companion Reference PDF). 
Click image below to go to Phenomena Gallery.

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The Metaphysical Closet
The Dream Masters

These terms are the federally trademarked intellectual property of Lisa Rhyne.

Copyright © 2024 Lisa Rhyne. All rights reserved. This book and audiobook was written and narrated by Lisa Rhyne (not by any other means—including artificial intelligence). It is a record of actual events, personal opinions, and observations. It is intended only for entertainment and inspirational purposes. Nothing contained herein is intended to be considered a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. No part shall be edited, censored, or replicated by any means for any reason whatsoever without express prior written approval from the author. If you’re offended by anything contained herein, I recommend reading or listening to it three times completely through, from cover to cover, to be transformed.

ISBN: 979-8-9893341-0-0 (eBook)
ISBN: 979-8-9893341-1-7 (Paperback)
ISBN: 979-8-9893341-2-4 (Hardcover)
ISBN: 979-8-9893341-7-9 (Audiobook)