About The Dream Masters Company and Brand

A Company Dreamt Up and Manifested by Lisa Rhyne,
Encouraging Everyone to Come Out of The Metaphysical Closet and Empowering You to be the Master of your Dreams! 

The Brand, Companies, Intellectual Property, and Projects in Development includes:


Lisa is interested in the great mysteries and here to serve through transformational storytelling, manifesting informative, enlightening projects and services via consulting, books, films, TV series, streaming projects, and live events that ultimately raise the collective consciousness. She’s a sought-after speaker, and after several years away from the spotlight, divine timing has returned her to the global stage. 

She maintains that imagination, intention, and action lay the tracks for the “Reality Train” to roll down. We are all Dream Masters playing a crucial role in creating “reality,” working on multiple levels vital to…everything. The quality of life is changed through this non-exclusive, all-inclusive form of communication and creation both in and outside of time.

Lisa’s paradigm-shifting work activates awareness, empowering and encouraging all to join the millions already on this journey to truly know—not wish, hope, believe, or think—it’s possible to embrace both the “normal” and extraordinary (as she’s proof they’re not mutually exclusive) and to fearlessly explore and question “reality” from every angle to become the master of your life and dreams.

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