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The Mysterious and Unexplained
Episode 5: Metaphysics, Dreams…
September 14, 2009

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I energetically “zapped” their system (my bad) towards the end of my segment!! So some has been edited out. I’d warned Rusty upfront that this happens all the time.

See Rusty’s comments about the energy surge:

On this show Rusty was visited by Lisa Rhyne from The Dream Masters who dropped in to chat about dreams, motivation, the Hopi Indians and of course The Dream Masters. An enthralling hour but was it Lisa, who has a history of zapping electronic gear, that sent our stream into a spin, causing batteries on our video camera and mobile phone to go flat?

At around 47:57 he mentions some technical issues. They had to cut to commercial. Back from commercial at 48:31 and talks about my energy affecting things. I mentioned that I was on a landline but my cell phone that was beside me on the desk had gone from a full charge down to 1 bar even though I wasn’t using it.

Before Rusty starts with the second half of the show, at 58:52, he talks about it again. He says some very mysterious and unexplained things just happen when Lisa was just with us. We got zapped completely. Not only did I lose my communication with the stream, the battery on my video camera died, my watch stopped and the battery on my mobile phone died.



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