Based on the Best-Selling Series By Dr. Hank Wesselman

(and Nainoa Kaneohe)

The four book covers of Hank Wesselman's Spiritwalker series.

Dr. Hank Wesselman’s renowned “SPIRITWALKER” series is in development, led by Lisa Rhyne as one of the writers and executive producers. If you’d like to contact us regarding this project, you can do so via the Contact Us page. Below are links to Lisa’s various online sites. Thank you.

Hank Wesselman

About Dr. Hank Wesselman

Research paleoanthropologist Hank Wesselman, Ph.D., did his undergraduate work and his Masters in Zoology at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He then received his doctoral degree in Anthropology from the University of California at Berkeley. A native New Yorker, he spent much of his life living and working among traditional tribal peoples and served in the US Peace Corps in the 1960s. It was then that he first became interested in indigenous spiritual wisdom. Since 1971, his research took him to the fossil beds of Eastern Africa’s Great Rift Valley (where they found “Lucy”) in search of answers to the mystery of human origins. That’s where the visions began. He taught shamanic workshops from 1991 until 2021, when he left this world on Monday, February 15, 2021, to continue his adventures into the many Worlds beyond time and space. More information can be found on their website (click his image to go to

Jill Kuykendall

About Jill Kuykendall

Jill Kuykendall, a former physical therapist, was of service within the standard Western medical paradigm for over 30 years, often in an advisory role to bring transpersonal medicine and its practices into the healthcare community, practitioners and patients alike. Jill’s specialty shamanic work was soul retrieval, a healing modality to achieve the restoration and reunion of dissociated aspects of a person’s life essence. Along with co-teaching with Hank for several years, Jill also co-authored multiple works and was co-founder and primary overseer of SharedWisdom LLC, an educational and consultation service established to foster shamanic principles, practices, and circles. Her motto “Keep it simple, Keep it ethical.” defined her approach to being of service to others and living her life fully. More information can be found on their website (click her image to go to

Hank's honored wife and partner in all things, Jill Kuykendall left this world on August 10, 2023 to join her beloved Chief in the Dreamtime.


Spiritwalker: Messages from the Future

"I am about to tell you a most unusual story, a chronicle of something that happened to me while I was living on the flank of an active volcano on the island of Hawai'i. I'm a scientist. I mention this because I do not feel that I was in any way predisposed for what was about to occur. In fact, my scientific training would seem to have preprogrammed me against such an experience." -- From Spiritwalker

The astonishing true story of an anthropologist's quest into a spiritual world of magic, mysticism, and meaning. Not since Castaneda's tutelage under the Yacqui Indian guide Don Juan has there been a spiritual autobiography quite like Spiritwalker.

Hank Wesselman's incredible story of a series of encounters that would forever change his life began with what he at first tried to explain away as particularly vivid dreams, but which grew increasingly intense and insistent, ultimately propelling him on twelve fantastic journeys across time and space. Over the next three years, his journeys proved to be far more important than mere reason could explain. Eventually, Dr. Wesselman became convinced that he'd been granted a visionary encounter with what tribal people from millennia past have called the "spirit world."

During his epic travels, Dr. Wesselman met shape-shifting entities, spirit helpers, and guardians, and found himself traversing a mental, physical, and spiritual landscape on a path intersecting that of a fellow traveler, a Hawai'ian kahuna mystic named Nainoa. Five thousand years into the future, Nainoa had been sent by his Chief on a journey into what used to be America, a once-powerful land of machines and magic, from which no previous voyagers had ever returned. What did Nainoa seek from Dr. Wesselman? What did the anthropologist have to learn about his own world from this exotic traveler from another time and place? Together, scientist and mystic are initiated into knowledge of non-ordinary levels of reality and given foreshadowings of imminent environmental, political, and spiritual challenges to their civilization. Without abandoning his scientific objectivity, Dr. Wesselman abandoned himself to the mystical, sometimes frightening, yet always luminous experiences that brought him beyond the boundaries of ordinary consciousness. The result is a fascinating and suspenseful adventure, an exciting and important archeological discovery, and the story of how a hard-headed scientific-realist stumbled on an important piece of the puzzle of human evolution.

Socially urgent and disturbingly prophetic, Spiritwalker has a universal mythic resonance and an undeniable relevance for today as it challenges our perceptions of our world, our reality, and our future.

Medicinemaker: Mystic Encounters on the Shaman's Path

Medicinemaker: Mystic Encounters on the Shaman's Path

In the brilliant visionary tradition of Carlos Castaneda, anthropologist Hank Wesselman first documented his spiritual journey in the acclaimed account Spiritwalker. Now he continues his travels through the spirit world in this astonishing book, leading us into the heart of one of the greatest mysteries of existence.

Dr. Wesselman's inspiring quest began with a dramatic encounter on the island of Hawaii. Though he had feared his connection to Nainoa, a kahuna initiate and fellow mystic traveler, would be severed when he moved to San Diego, Wesselman would continue to merge minds with Nainoa. Over the next five years, the true purpose of their profound yet cryptic contact took shape. Wesselman had gained access to some inner doorway, putting him in the presence of a transcendent life force and intelligence. On the threshold of a dazzling new understanding of nature, he was a shaman in training, an initiate into the sacred, secret healing powers of the spirit world.

This remarkable book gives us an unprecedented glimpse into the origin and the destiny of our species. Hank Wesselman has brought back from his extraordinary travels an extraordinary message: the keys to personal power and to the healing of all humankind.

Visionseeker by Hank Wesselman

VISIONSEEKER: Shared Wisdom from the Place of Refuge

In this work, Dr Wesselman reveals what it means to be a mystic and a medicine man in an age of high technology and super science. His spiritual quest continues to unfold, illuminating the emergence of a modern Western shamanism, the phenomenon of spirit possession, the conveyance of the souls of the dead, and the true nature of the human spirit.

Timeweaver: The Book of Nainoa

The long awaited fourth book in the Spiritwalker series, features a glimpse into a world 5000 years in the future.

Dr. Hank Wesselman, a paleoanthropologist and research academic, became an unlikely shaman when he began having spontaneous, powerful visionary experiences in 1983, which continued until the time of his passing in 2021. During these experiences his conscious awareness would travel beyond his body to merge with the body, mind, and soul of another man who lives in another time. But these were not what some would call past-life experiences. They could more accurately be likened to time travel. As the connection deepened, Hank came to see that he was contacting his future self, roughly 5,000 years after the collapse of Western civilization.

Hank was compelled to share his experiences as he came to understand that this destiny is not cast in stone. That actions and decisions we make now will determine the future we and our descendants are walking into.

This final volume is unique in that it is told from the perspective of Nainoa, the Hawaiian kahuna mystic contacted by Hank almost four decades ago. We will travel with Nainoa and experience a slice of his life and his perceptions. It turns out that the world he inhabits is the barely recognizable, former United States.

This extraordinary true story culminates with a powerful, important message for our time.

This High Adventure Action Fantasy Docudrama Series Includes:

  • classic “Hero’s Journey” based on a true story
  • our current climate catastrophe/global warming
  • the fall of modern civilization as we know it
  • history and future of Hawaii and the Hawaiian people
  • genuine Hawaiian Kahuna mystics and Hawaiian mysticism teachings
  • disclosure
  • supernatural action packed adventure and vision quests
  • an odyssey of discovery
  • origin and the destiny of our species
  • the keys to personal power and the healing of all humankind
  • true phenomenon of spirit possession/shared consciousness (across time and space)
  • greater truths of the ʻAumākua (the oversoul, how and why we incarnate)
  • the unlimited power and potential of human consciousness
  • conveyance of the souls of the dead
  • magic, mysticism and greater meaning of this life and reality
  • power, protection and support from the Spirit world
  • authentic shamanic time travel (between past, present, future, and Beyond time)
  • the mysterious Source of all existence and the Great Mystery
  • it is a true story shared by those who lived (and are living) it.


Hank’s dynamic interactions with Nainoa give us an intimate look at modern-day Hawaiian kahuna spiritual wisdom (not limited to the indigenous peoples – as Hank was a caucasian born-and-bred New Yorker). Hank and Nainoa’s extraordinary visionary voyages finally bring them face to face with each other and the mysterious Source of all existence and the Great Mystery.

Will this hero’s journey result in triumph or tragedy for all humanity and the entire planet? Is there such a thing as predetermined “fate,” or can we alter civilization’s dark destiny as revealed to Hank approximately 5,000 years from now? We already see the effects humans are having on the planet and know we need to take action. Will people listen, or is it already too late?

Will we do nothing and let civilization, as we know it, fall and disappear like countless prior “great civilizations” (such as the Inca/Mayans, the Roman Empire, the Egyptians, and who knows how many others)?

Perhaps humanity cannot change our foreseen fate nor break the apparent cycles of the rise and fall of human civilizations. What if we can make enough of a positive difference (by utilizing the information that Hank and Nainoa worked so hard to share with us) to create a better outcome? Will all their energy, sacrifices and journeys serve to show us how to improve the outcomes?

Those who know and understand Shamanism and consciousness know nothing is set in stone, and the mere act of focusing your attention on something changes it. The Observer Effect is a well-known metaphysical/quantum physics precept.

Many have written about reincarnation, alternate timelines and other topics included in this project, including me in my book, “Coming Out of The Metaphysical Closet.” There are many accounts of clients moving through time while under hypnosis. Extensive studies have shown that over 90 percent of all hypnotizable individuals can recall multiple past (and future) lives. This phenomenon is widely recognized globally, even by skeptics.

Some notable examples are the body of works by Dr. Ian Stevenson, Dr. Joel L. Whitton, Michael Talbot, Helen Wambach and many others. Psychologist Chet Snow carried on Wambach’s massive work and published the results in a book entitled Mass Dreams of the Future. Several interesting features emerged when the reports of the 2,500 project participants were finalized. First, virtually all agreed that Earth’s population had dramatically decreased; many didn’t even find themselves in physical bodies in the future. In addition, the respondents were divided into four categories, each relating to a different future. One group described a joyless, sterile future in which people lived in space stations, wore silvery suits, and ate synthetic food. The second group reported living happier and more natural lives in natural settings, in harmony with one another and dedicated to learning and spiritual development. Type three described a bleak mechanical future where people lived in underground cities and cities enclosed in domes and bubbles. Type four described themselves as post-disaster survivors living in a world ravaged by some, possibly nuclear, disaster. People in this group lived in homes ranging from urban ruins to caves to isolated farms; wore plain, hand-sewn clothing, often made of fur; and obtained much of their food by hunting.

That fourth type is exactly as Hank describes in his books! There are countless people who’ve seen what Hank experienced. There are many films and TV shows that show this future for humanity.

So…how is all this possible? That has also been studied and recorded as well as experienced by people throughout time. I also touch upon all this in my book and so much more. Hank was documenting his actual experiences – this isn’t “theory” or “hopes” or “a dream” on his part. Writers (of all genres but especially fiction and writing for film and television) are tapping into and basically remote viewing other timelines. (All humans have this innate ability as it is part of our DNA.) Then they write what they’ve seen and experienced all while being unaware of what’s actually happening. Which again proves you do not have to understand or accept something for it to be true. Universal laws – including “reality” – is not dependent on our awareness or understanding in order for it to exist. We are all quantumly entangled with it and therefore we affect it. Yes, it is all pretty heady which is why so many of us that do work to understand have written about all of it so that everyone can have a better understanding of what’s going on and be more empowered.

Many interpret these results by turning to the holographic universe model for the answer. They believe these findings suggest that several potential futures, or holoverses, are forming in the gathering mists of fate. Like many who believe we create our own destiny, both individually and collectively, that would make all four scenarios potential futures that the human race is creating for itself. Hank Wesselman’s Spiritwalker series is a fantastic record of his experiences with all this.

Unbeknownst to many, Hawaiian Elder and spiritual leader Hale Kealohalani Makua (“Makua”) was a dear friend and very involved with this project and the work (and he still is ~ as are Hank, the Ancestors, Descendants, and many others in the seen and unseen realms). There are supplemental materials never before revealed outside of Hank’s inner circle or published anywhere being incorporated into this project in conjunction with the original books. All the information and what’s happening is, in a word, astonishing! We always recommend reading all of Hank’s works as are all must-reads for those who want to know more and live on a whole different level of authentic empowerment.

A Note from Jill

February 15, 2023

In  honor of Hank Wesselman on the second anniversary of his passing (Feb. 15, 2021) and with great personal pleasure, I announce the publication of Hank’s final manuscript, “Timeweaver: The Book of Nainoa”. It is available for purchase from online booksellers, and the Kindle eBook version is soon to be released.

This book is unique, certainly different from the others in the Spiritwalker trilogy, in that Nainoa wrote it, with Hank functioning as a channel. It first read as an unfinished book, and no doubt Hank anticipated having more time and connections with Nainoa, committing more to the story.

Yet it ends in its own way.

Keeping that in mind, something interesting happened in the autumn of 2022. Here is Jill Kramer, Hank’s longtime friend and editor, explaining it…
“The day after I started copyediting (Timeweaver), I happened to be talking to my good friend, spiritual medium Marilyn Kapp, the author of Love Is Greater Than Pain. I mentioned that I was working on Hank’s book, and as we were speaking on the phone, she said that Hank was “coming through in spirit.”

“With Marilyn as the spiritual channel, the three of us had a delightful and enlightening “conversation,” in which Hank imparted many words of wisdom, hope, healing, and love for both his wife, Jill, and their daughters, and for the world at large. He also said that he had an idea for the end of Timeweaver. His advice was to have his readers come up with their own endings, and then share those writings with others. Both Marilyn and I thought this was a brilliant solution. When I emailed Jill and told her what had transpired, she was very moved and said that she thought it was a wonderful idea too.”

Some readers will find this appealing, while others will discover that the book ends naturally, with an openness and greater understanding of what is possible in general. Regardless, Hank is very pleased with the book’s publication.

My great thanks to the many hands that brought this story to the light of day. A special mention is due to Angela Leslee, the master navigator of this project and an author in her own right, having published “The Way of Love: On the Camino de Santiago” (2019) and “Lucky to Live Hawaii: From the Mundane to the Magical, a Life Transformed”(2022). Her knowledge of self-publishing allowed for Timeweaver’s publication to occur in a timely fashion.

Now, “Timeweaver: The Book of Nainoa” is poised to land in your hands. There is certainly more to the story, and here it is!  Enjoy reading!   Aloha,  Jill Kuykendall 

A Note from lisa

Hank and Jill had many discussions with me over several years about this project, the supplemental materials, and the published books. I will get into details later in the development process, and so much can (and will) change in the blink of an eye. Currently, all the focus and energy is on development, so only a few posts will be online. We will let everyone know what’s happening when the appropriate time comes. Please keep all of us in your prayers and highest thoughts for manifesting this in the right way in whatever way that may appear. Divine timing is always key in everything. Please connect with us via the social media links and check back here for updates. Thanks, everyone! ~ Lisa Rhyne

Hank and Jill were very supportive of my work and entrusted me with their SPIRITWALKER project (see one of Jill’s notes to me below). By purchasing and promoting our books, you are quantumly entangled with their work, wishes and we are eternally grateful.

Hank wrote a wonderful blurb (see image below) for my first book, “Journey of a Dream Master” which eventually became the 3-in-1 compendium, “Coming Out of The Metaphysical Closet”  featuring several photos and specific stories of Hank and Jill, their teachings as well as our shared experiences along with much information about Shamanism (Chapter 5) and the SPIRITWALKER project (see images below).  You’ll find these references and stories in these specific sections:

  • Past, Future, and In-Between Lives
  • Four Levels of Spiritual Evolution
  • Fire
  • Shirley Roe Kay
  • Shamans and Medicine People
  • Dr. Hank Wesselman
  • My First Soul Retrieval
  • Global Epidemic of Soul Loss
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Sleep and The Dreamtime
  • Dreamtime Reality Jumping
  • Clay God Face Artifact
  • Big Sur Sighting
  • Philip K. Dick and Alternate Realities

A Tribute to Hank and JIll