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All of the photos in the book are here plus additional photos and charts. The photos are in the same order as they appear in the book and/or stories.

Simply click the thumbnail to see the full size photo in a new window. You’ll be able to see the details better than in the book.

JDM is available for sale on Amazon.com worldwide in 4 different formats:

  • Paperback with black & white photos
  • Paperback with full color photos
  • Paperback – Large Print
  • Kindle / eBook*

*A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I always recommend getting a physical book to hold. I do not recommend the Kindle version because Kindle takes one document and format it for every gadget ever invented. Some versions are not paginated correctly, some have the actual color photos and some convert them all to black and white. Holding a book and touching the pages is a different kind of alchemy far more powerful and transformative than looking at an electronic gadget.

Lisa’s Mayan Chart (link)

There is reference to my Mayan Birth Calendar in Chapter 10.  Click the link above to open the pdf document by Mark Borcherding.

If you would like Mark to do your Birth Calendar, please email Lisa and she will help you set that up with Mark. 

All information, videos and photos are exclusively owned by
Lisa Rhyne, are copyright protected.
They are not public domain or for reuse. 

If you are interested in interviewing Lisa, please contact us via the Contact page.


Featured Videos

Below are some quick videos I shot. This is raw footage was taken with my simple iPhone camera which is why the quality is so poor but still good enough to show how iridescent my skin has become since the Cahokia Event.

My skin is washed and dried, no lotion, no sweat, no body glitter…nothing. This is a natural phenomena. Interestingly, I am not the only one experiencing this DNA upgrade. More to come in Book 2 of the trilogy: Walking Between Worlds. 

Play the videos and randomly stop them to see the tiny points of light. Here is a series of screenshots in sequential order that I took of the first video which is 1:01 in length. The number below the photo is the second I took the screenshot.

I did this because many cannot seem to see the points of light phasing in and out. These photos will help so you’ll know what you are looking for – the lights. Click thumbnails to open full photo to see the time I took the screenshot, the video timer and still of the hand. You can see the different colors (prism effect) of these crystalline cells if you look very closely.