about the dream masters

The Dream Masters are conscientious visionaries creating positive art and influencing humanity’s evolution through ancient and modern metaphysics.

Behind the name stands a dedicated organization of people from all over the world who are fully committed to sharing and manifesting Lisa’s visions. This dedication and focus translates into a company that is designed to deliver results. Together we are stronger and make a powerful difference.

Lisa Rhyne’s lifetime of work and desire to create more positive projects led her to officially create The Dream Masters in 2000 which has continually evolved as a company that provides a variety of services.

TDM has a wide variety of informative and positive entertainment projects, services primarily focused on evolutionary, transformational and visionary work which includes: books, film and TV series, consulting, lectures and seminars, and building strategic and synergistic partnerships as well as transformational work through various modalities for individual and collective empowerment.

Lisa collaborates with some of the most prolific authors, artists and leaders in the fields of quantum physics, multiple ancient and modern energetic transformational (“healing”) modalities, psychoneuroimmunology, epigenetics and more. We only partner with those who hold the same ethos as Lisa and this company.

We are interested in the great mysteries of the spiritual, metaphysical and sacred arts.
We are here to be of service and raise the frequency/vibration through various means by focusing primarily on metaphysical storytelling.